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OneNote Apps Released for Mac and Windows

Microsoft Releases a Sweet Suite of OneNote Apps – for FREE! OneNote has long been a part of the MS Office Suite, but now

Skip Black Friday with Best Buy Clearance

Best Buy Clearance – Better Deals than Black Friday? Yes, there are some AMAZING Black Friday deals that have already started.  But often, clearance

Microsoft Black Friday Already Going

Microsoft has… Black Wednesday? The shopping just keeps starting earlier! Microsoft started early with their Black Friday Deals.  These are some of the Microsoft

How To: Optimize Microsoft Surface Pro (or Pro 2!) Battery Life

Surface Pro Battery Doesn’t Have to End at 4 Hours Updated 10/21/2013: I’ve been using Surface Pro as my primary PC for several months

Get Windows 8.1 Preview Now!

There’s really no other way to say it but to just say it. If you want to give Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 update a try

Best Buy Becomes Nerd Mall: Microsoft Stores Opening Inside

Best Buy + Microsoft + Apple + Samsung = Nerd Mecca Let’s be honest: when Apple started pumping retailers for floor space and setup

Windows 8.1: Microsoft Demos New Features

A Huge Revision, Windows 8.1 Improves Boldly Nobody would blame you for being shocked at the speed with which Microsoft has put together some

Windows 8′s New Ads Make Siri its Biatch

Windows 8′s Big Guns Come Out–And They’re Aimed at Apple It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft is finally getting a clue with its

Windows 8 Store Passes 70,000 Apps, Shows OSX How It’s Done

there's something new to crow about, and the only surprise is that there hasn't yet been a press release: the Windows 8 App

Editorial: Microsoft Completely Botches Surface Pro Launch, Wastes Everyone’s Time

Today was the official launch date of Microsoft’s much-anticipated Surface Pro, the tablet device they famously announced in the summer of 2012. The device, supposed