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Want E3 2014 Coverage? We’ve got it!

E3 2014 – The Games, The Trailers, The News! Looking for all the latest on E3, from trailers, previews, game launches, console updates, and

How To Get Windows Experience Index Score Back

Get the Windows Experience Index Score Back in Windows 8.1 A lot of users were annoyed that the Windows Experience Index Score was removed

Review: My Year With Microsoft Surface Pro

Imperfect, Heavy, Light, Powerful, and Excellent. Edit: I realized a bit too late that the page breaks in this post were not working correctly,

How To: Get Faster Access to Your Windows 8.1 Apps

Apps Appear in Your Taskbar with Windows 8.1! There are quite a few features in Windows 8.1′s Spring Update that make life easier for

OneNote Apps Released for Mac and Windows

Microsoft Releases a Sweet Suite of OneNote Apps – for FREE! OneNote has long been a part of the MS Office Suite, but now

Skip Black Friday with Best Buy Clearance

Best Buy Clearance – Better Deals than Black Friday? Yes, there are some AMAZING Black Friday deals that have already started.  But often, clearance

Microsoft Black Friday Already Going

Microsoft has… Black Wednesday? The shopping just keeps starting earlier! Microsoft started early with their Black Friday Deals.  These are some of the Microsoft

How To: Optimize Microsoft Surface Pro (or Pro 2!) Battery Life

Surface Pro Battery Doesn’t Have to End at 4 Hours Updated 10/21/2013: I’ve been using Surface Pro as my primary PC for several months

Get Windows 8.1 Preview Now!

There’s really no other way to say it but to just say it. If you want to give Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 update a try

Best Buy Becomes Nerd Mall: Microsoft Stores Opening Inside

Best Buy + Microsoft + Apple + Samsung = Nerd Mecca Let’s be honest: when Apple started pumping retailers for floor space and setup