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Heroes Reborn Dark Matters Micah

Review: Heroes Reborn – Dark Matters

Heroes New and Old Take the Stage When NBC cancelled Heroes five years ago, I felt glad. Not because I hadn’t loved Heroes, but because I’d loved it so much that watching it spiral into awfulness was just too painful. After only …
Gonzo and the Muppets at D23 - all that nerdy stuff

The Muppets – News from Disney D23

New Details on the Documentary Behind Up Late with Miss Piggy, Why Gonzo Likes Chickens, and Muppetteers Making Themselves Laugh Yesterday, the opening panel at D23 covered my favorite set of characters, The Muppets, and their new show on ABC.  The panel, …
CW's The Flash

Review: The Flash Leaked Pilot

The Flash Expands Green Arrow’s Universe With Charm The biggest thing I wanted from the CW’s new The Flash series was simple: I wanted it to not be a fast version of  Arrow. I’m pleased to say that the show’s producers have …