Xbox 360 Finally Gets a 500GB Hard Drive

Xbox 360 Storage Finally Upgraded Three long years have passed since Microsoft released a larger size hard drive for Xbox 360. The last time

Michael Bay Directs Pixar Action Theater’s Up

Michael Bay Knows Boom Have you ever wondered how Pixar’s 2009 masterpiece Up might have turned out differently had Michael Bay been handed the

Lumia Phones Get a Speed Boost from Windows Phone 8.1

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Lucy: your next homework assignment.

There are SO many things that this movie offers. Besides a strong and independent female protagonist, in line with the times—but a first for

Destiny Beta: PS3 vs PS4 Graphics

Destiny Gets A Digital Foundry Detailed Comparison Video Bungie is a highly skilled development studio. We’ve known that for over a decade. But what

Review: The Flash Leaked Pilot

The Flash Expands Green Arrow’s Universe With Charm The biggest thing I wanted from the CW’s new The Flash series was simple: I wanted

T-Mobile Wants You To Test Drive Its Service With a Free Week of iPhone

Need an iPhone 5s for a Week? Take a Test Drive on One with T-Mobile During today’s event in Seattle, T-Mobile introduced “Test Drive,”

Amazon Fires at Apple With New Fire Phone

Fire Phone from Amazon Touted at Today’s Amazon Press Conference At Amazon’s event on June 18th, CEO Jeff Besos introduced new features for Amazon

Heroes Reborn: Jack Coleman Returns as Noah Bennett!

Heroes Reborn Dips Into One of Its Best Characters Fresh from the folks at Deadline, casting news revealed today that Heroes Reborn will feature

Want E3 2014 Coverage? We’ve got it!

E3 2014 – The Games, The Trailers, The News! Looking for all the latest on E3, from trailers, previews, game launches, console updates, and