Pieces of Gaming Gear Every Nerd Needs

Gaming Is About Two Things: Games and Gear

If you are into gaming at all, you know how easy it is to become picky about the gadgets you use. However, there are some specifics that are essential for every gamer out there. While all gamers might disagree on some things, below are just some basics every gamer should consider getting at some point.

A Gaming Mouse

If you are serious in your gaming, you know that any old mouse won’t do, especially if you are into first person shooters. You need a mouse that is precise and has the sensitivity to follow your motions accurately. For this reason, most pro-gamers don’t use Bluetooth mice. In the off-chance that the Bluetooth disconnects, you cannot afford those few seconds of inactivity. Check out a Razor mouse if you are not familiar with gaming equipment. They generally feel great and have the right number of buttons to program specific moves or special abilities to.

Large Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is essential, as it provides your mouse with a smoother and more accurate response. However, most people don’t first think of a large mouse. If you play first person shooters, you need your mouse sensitivity at a very low setting so you can make accurate shots. However, low sensitivities mean you need a greater surface area to play on, hence the larger mouse pad.

Hard-Shell Laptop Case

If you are a gamer on the run, you know how important it is to keep your laptop in pristine condition. The last thing you want is having your computer get beaten around in your backpack. All Cases recommends using a hard -shell military grade case to protect it from injuries.

Headphones with a Good Microphone

Communicating with your team is essential when playing multiplayer games, this is where headphones play an important role. Yes, headphones allow you to hear all the intricate sound cues in games, however, headphones with a good microphone allow you to clearly communicate with your team and give orders or commands without fear of them not hearing you.

Gamers have a lot of other equipment they may want for their setup as their skills improve. Choose technology that will last, can be easily transported, and whatever you choose to buy, make sure you get a big backpack with many compartments so you can move your tech safely and easily.

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pieces of gaming gear every nerd needs
Pieces of Gaming Gear Every Nerd Needs
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pieces of gaming gear every nerd needs
Pieces of Gaming Gear Every Nerd Needs
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