Moving? How to Safely Pack Your Gaming Gear

A Gamer’s Gaming Gear is Treasure to be Protected!

Packing up your personal possessions for a big move can be a stressful ordeal. If you happen to be an avid gamer with many gaming consoles and accessories, packing these delicate items for a move can be nerve-wracking. We can help to ease your troubled mind with these easy tips on how to safely pack your gaming gear.


Acquire Proper Packaging

Gaming gear protection

The first step in keeping your gaming fear safe during a move is to pack them in suitable boxes or containers. If you still have the original box for your gaming equipment, those should be your very first choice. The manufacturer has already outfitted the original box with all of the security measures required. If you are not in possession of the original packaging, a hard-shell electronics case will be an excellent second choice. These cases are designed to be durable, cushioned, and won’t conduct static electricity. The AllCases store has a case finder tool that you can use to find the exact dimensions you’re looking for.


Wrap Them Securely

If the original packaging isn’t an option and you don’t have a hard-shell case, you can use an appropriately-sized box of any type, but you’ll need to make some adjustments. To ensure your electronics aren’t rattled and damaged during the move, place a thick layer of cushioning within the box. Begin by laying out clothing, pillows, or blankets on the bottom of the box as a protective layer. Next, wrap your electronics in a thick layer of newspaper and nestle it into the layer of cushioning you created. Lastly, cover the electronics with a second layer of clothes, blankets, or pillows to keep them nestled in place.


Keep Your Equipment Together

Gaming controllers need proper packing

While you pack and wrap your gaming consoles, it can be easy to overlook the accessories to your console. Some people will just toss the cords and controllers into a separate box with other random items. This is a very bad idea. Throwing cables and controllers into a box without adequately protecting them can compromise their integrity and lead to premature degradation of the accessories. To prolong the life of your console accessories, bundle them together neatly and place them in the same secure box as the console. This will also help you expedite the unpacking of your gaming devices if you pack all of the necessary pieces into one container.


Avoid Materials That Conduct Static Electricity


Static electricity is the greatest nemesis to the lifespan of your gaming gear. Packing peanuts are great for cushioning, but they can also produce an electrostatic discharge. The best materials to use when packing up your gaming gear are newspapers, clothes, or anti-static bubble wrap.


Utilizing labels for your boxes will also help you to safely move your gaming gear to your new home. Any box that contains your electronics should be packed last and on top of the more substantial boxes. Placing boxes full of electronics below heavy boxes could lead to crushing damage. Blankets and pillows won’t help to protect your gaming gear against that.

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Pack gaming gear safely
Moving? How to Safely Pack Your Gaming Gear
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Pack gaming gear safely
Moving? How to Safely Pack Your Gaming Gear
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