Thor Ragnarok is the Marvel Comedy to Watch This Weekend

Thor Ragnarok – Vamping Villians, Joking Gods, and Beautiful Sets

When I heard that Thor Ragnarok was set as a comedy, I was rather surprised.  Ragnarok is the ending of Asgard – how could that be anything but a violent, sad film?  Instead, Marvel presented a creative, funny, lighthearted movie that seems far shorter than its 2 hour, 10 minute run time.

The trailer doesn’t really do the film justice. You get hints of fighting Hela, but not much of the actual plot beyond that.

The first scene sets the stage for the film.  Without revealing any spoilers, you immediately get the sense that Thor has a sense of humor, while still being the overconfident god of the previous Marvel movies.  The film continues in the same light, adding physical comedy and jokes throughout.  And yes, someone finally made a joke about Asgard.

Cate Blanchett shines as Hela.  A proud, equally overconfident villain needs a good deal of vamping to truly shine, and Blanchett does not disappoint.  And that headdress!  I thought it would seem ridiculous after a few scenes, but instead makes her all that more threatening and ominous.  Her weapons are a marvel of CGI.

Overall, I enjoyed Thor Ragnarok more than I hoped.  It’s definitely the highlight so far of the stand alone Thor films, as well as a great watch.  Go check it out this weekend!

And now, for those of you who saw Thor Ragnarok already…


Like many Marvel movies, while there may be an “obvious” villain, the reality is a little more muddled.  At this point in the Marvel movie universe, everyone has their faults.  Thor Ragnarok isn’t subtle about pointing these out.  Thor clearly lists Loki’s errors more than once.  Bruce Banner states that if he changes into Hulk, he may never change back.  Has Hulk “killed” Bruce Banner for good?  I’m very curious to see that in future films – I really liked the arc of Bruce Banner and Black Widow.  Valkyrie fights her own internal battle through drink, only revealing later on the source of her hurt and anger.  One thing I love about the Marvel movies, especially this many years into the series, is that the characters aren’t the black and white, good and evil that’s seen in too many action films.

For those still complaining that Thor and his relatives don’t match beliefs of Asatru, well, you’re not going to be any happier.  I’m not the strongest believer in Norse myths, but the idea of Valkyries fighting Hela made me cringe.

One last fun little nugget from the internet: a Thor “school play.” It’s equally hilarious as a “4D” live action production.  The props truly make the production.  Enjoy!

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Thor Ragnarok is the Marvel Comedy to Watch This Weekend
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