Need a Scary Game This October? Try The Evil Within 2

Gameplay of The Evil Within 2  is Sure to Make Your Friday the 13

Bethesda premiered the mindfuck that is The Evil Within 2 during their E3 2017 press conference.  This game is guaranteed to give you nightmares.  While trailers are supposed to give a hint as to what’s in the game, this one mostly brought up questions.  What’s going on?  That’s hard to tell.  We learn that The Evil Within 2 follows Sebastian as he regains hope and tries to find his daughter, Lily.  Is she alive in this reality, or another place?  That’s near impossible to tell from the trailer, too.

Sebastian learns that Mobius is following him on his quest to find his daughter.  The trailer goes back and forth between a “normal” world, a horrific one, and a milky, inky place inbetween.  It’s hard to discern what’s real and what’s nightmare.  There’s near constant running from enemies and shooting.  More than once, the main character escapes one monster only to be pulled into another world and face a new danger.  All in all, the reveal trailer is super creepy.

I had moments of fear that reminded me of when Residential Evil first came out.  I realized afterwards that this is the same creative team, and hope that this game is an equally terrifying success.

Gameplay demos will reveal if the game features more of the same twists and turns between what the mind is used to and what it can be. I’m also hoping that the soundtrack from the trailer makes its way into the movie!  The cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” added an otherworldly layer to the reveal.

The Evil Within 2 comes out October 13th, 2017.  Yes, that’s Friday the 13th.  You can preorder on Amazon now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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