Logan Trailer Channels The Last of Us

Logan Returns for One Last Wolverine Movie

Okay, so this is different from what I was expecting, but I love it! The Logan trailer was released with what I expect will be more than plenty of fanfare. It delivers a haunting, emotional package featuring an older Logan and Professor X in their twilight years. Channeling some of the feelings of Naughty Dog’s incredible game “The Last of Us“, it centers around Logan and Charles Xavier’s attempt to help a young girl. She’s apparently wanted by the Terminator, the police, and what might well be a newer Weapon X.

It appears at one point that Logan has buried someone, and the obvious bet is, of course, Charles. But whatever else the movie does, my hope is that we’ll see a real emphasis on the relationship between Logan and this little girl. If he’s gotta leave the X-Men franchise universe, I’d love for it to happen on an emotionally intense note.

The Logan Trailer’s Pacing by Music

The trailer (oh, by the way: watch it!) moves at a slow but steady pace that ratchets tension as it goes, following cues from Johnny Cash’s famous ballad “Hurt”. Images of Logan and Professor X’s apparently shitty life, living in squalor in the middle of nowhere define the first half. It’s hard to tell, but in a couple of shots it almost looks like they’re in the remains of Cerebro, but it’s filled with dirt, plants and other debris. Logan mentions that “The world is different now” and that “there are no more mutants”, but…why? When we last saw Logan and Professor X at the end of Days of Future Past, it appeared that the future was fixed and everything was peachy. Hopefully we’ll find out what happened.

But hey, go watch the damn trailer! What are you sitting here for, click it!

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