Swipe Recruits Comics Great Neal Adams as Spokesperson

Neal Adams Joins Swipe, With First Appearance at Comikaze

Per yesterday’s press release on Neal Adams’ new role:

Renowned comic book creator and futurist Neal Adams has been signed to serve as National Spokesperson for Swipe, the eagerly-anticipated fully-integrated design platform for consumers and professionals alike.  Adams, recognized worldwide for his unparalleled body of illustrative works on behalf of the comic book world’s most iconic characters, will make his debut as Swipe’s National Spokesperson at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2016, taking place October 28-30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The brainchild of software genius Satoshi Nakajima – the engineering architect responsible for Windows 95 and Windows 98 along with Internet Explorer versions 3 and 4 – Swipe empowers everyone from consumers to creators to easily animate everything from emails to digital comics with media-rich digital elements and make use of animation, video, vector graphics as well as full audio for voice, music and sound effects on tablets and smartphones. Created to take full advantage of today’s touch-enabled smartphone and tablet technology, Swipe eliminates the need for complex programming typically required to build animation or other forms of design content.  As a result, creators, designers, animators and artists have the tools to create media-rich animated digital content for consumption via touch-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and touch-enabled set-top-boxes, such as iPhone and Apple TV.

Neal Adams will join with Swipe Founder and Chief Technology Officer Satoshi Nakajima for a panel session at Stan Lee’s Comikaze.  Neal will also be available for meet and greet opportunities throughout the massive three-day comic book and pop culture convention.

Beta of Swipe Available

As part of the introduction of Swipe™, the company is inviting up to 2,000 creators and/or artists to participate as the beta users of its flagship application, Swipe Studio.  Creators and artists can experience the Swipe immediately by downloading Swipe Studio to their iPhone/iPad and begin to create media-rich animated digital content.  To download the Swipe Studio, please send and e-mail to [email protected] with subject “beta program”. A promotional code required to download Swipe Studio will be sent to you.  The beta program is available only for iPhone/iPad users with version iOS9 or later.

Neal Adams

Neal Adams is universally recognized for his legendary ‘runs’ on Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Deadman. He rescued Batman from the campy TV show, and transformed him into his present, “Avenger of the Night” persona. When people say ‘modern Batman,’ they mean Neal Adams’ Batman. His run led directly to the realistic incarnation seen in “Batman Begins” and the “The Dark Knight” movies. Creator of Ras Al Ghul, now featured in the “Arrow” series, and pretty much created the Green Arrow, and Merlyn characters we see in the “Arrow” TV show.  2016 is yet another huge year for Neal as February was dubbed “Neal Adams Month” with 28 homage covers for DC, penciled by Neal and inked by other artists the likes of Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Brian Bolland, Simon Bisley, and Walt Simonson. Meanwhile his Batman Omnibus, and a Green Arrow, Green Lantern Absolute shipped this summer, and his six-part “Coming of the Supermen” mini series is a huge hit.  The series features what we refer to as, “Your Superman”. Superman, with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Neal is also channeling Jack Kirby’s New Gods!  And if that’s not enough, Neal’s Graphic Novel  called “Blood” from Dark Horse features the first fully animated lenticular lens cover ever done in the world!  Neal is really on fire.  Neal is also currently working on a 38-page Harley Quinn VS. Superman Book, which is destined to be a winner, in addition to Book 2 of the relaunch of Kamandi – and it’s chock full of Jack Kirby characters, dinosaurs and all!

“We are thrilled to be joined by the great Neal Adams as National Spokesperson for Swipe.  It is extremely gratifying to have our platform endorsed by Neal as we introduce our technology to the creative community as well as the public at large.  I look forward with great enthusiasm to working alongside Neal, and to the panel session we will be sharing at Stan Lee’s Comikaze,” said Nakajima.

“Many may find it odd that a comic book artist has an interest in animation. However, animation also plays a central focus in my career at my studio – Continuity – is an established animation production resource for top production companies and advertising agencies.  I always want to remain part of the cutting edge of what’s happening in animation and design, and it’s for that reason that I was instantly captivated by Swipe.  Software engineer Satoshi Nakajima has developed an impressive tool that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether it’s a consumer who wants to energize their emails with animation or top-flight designers creating the next great digital graphic novel, Swipe has no limits in its usage.  I am excited to bring the message of Swipe to designers, would-be designers and everyone in-between and look forward to being on-hand at Stan Lee’s Comikaze to showcase this extraordinary digital design platform,” said Adams.

We’re looking forward to seeing Swipe firsthand at Comikaze.  At best, you’ll be seeing some new animation and designs here.  At worst, we’ll be meeting Adams next month. That doesn’t sound too bad.  which is still pretty great!


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