Microsoft Releases Family Safety Updates

Family Safety Updates Simplify Process, Add New Features

As part of their Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft released a number of Family Safety Updates.

First off, the updates can be done online from any computer.  Instead of going through your computer, you can go to You can see all your family accounts for Windows and Xbox, see the settings for each child in your family, and make changes to his or her settings.  You can also see who is listed as an adult in your family.

Multiple time limits per day

You can now set multiple time limits per day for your child’s Windows PCs. This helps on those days where your kid is working on a project that goes over their computer limit, or just wants to finish watching that stupid YouTube video, again.  My daughter gets two hours before I get a request to add time.  You can add as much or as little time as your child needs, and have different settings for each day of the week.

Edge and Internet Explorer Only

This is the only update that bothered me.  My child’s preference is Google Chrome.  With this update, yes, you can choose which websites your kids are allowed to visit. However, they’re only blocked from other websites if they’re using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Any other browsers are blocked unless you choose to allow your child to use them. Lame!

Microsoft Store Updates

Now, when your child is browsing store content, they will only see content that is appropriate for their age. You choose what content your child can download, receive notifications when they download content from the store, and can easily add money to your child’s Microsoft account.

Instant notifications of your kid’s requests

If your kid sends you a request, Microsoft will notify you immediately over email so you can act on it. If you’ve set up store limits on your kid’s iPad, Family Safety now works in a similar fashion.

Want more information? Read more about Microsoft family features at  Also, we set up a set of tutorials for adding Family Safety in Windows 8 starting here.  Most of these settings are still applicable to the current update.  Plus, you can now do them through your browser!


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Microsoft Releases Family Safety Updates
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