Review: Pixelated fun in Tick’s Tales

Draw the Sword of Blergh and Win the Heart of Georgia McGorgeous in Tick’s Tales

Phoenix Online Publishing and Digital Bounce House released a cute, entertaining, 8-bit adventure: Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight! The main character, Tick sets out on quest to become a knight.  He hopes to fulfill his “destiny” set by his fairy godfather and win the heart (and kisses) of Georgia McGorgeous. Tick’s Tales has colorful graphics reminiscent of an early Sierra or mid to late 90’s PC game meet a modern comedic narrative in this point-and-click adventure.


Our Thoughts

The gameplay is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate  Tick’s backpack of items (pick up everything you can – you never know when you need it!) is in the bottom right corner.  The save icon is in the top right corner and available at any time.  You can also easily return to the main menu with the giant “X” in the top right.  As for the quests themselves, I quickly learned that you have to go through EVERY conversation option and menu in order to beat the quests.  This can be a bit tiring, when you realize that you need to travel from one end of the chapter to the other to get an item.

tick's tales damsel in distress - all that nerdy stuffThe dialogue is entertaining, and breaks the fourth wall on multiple occasions.  I laughed aloud more than once during the initial quest, especially when Tick received his reward.

The music fits the game perfectly.  These include cute little retro tunes and a romantic theme for Georgia McGorgeous. There are just enough sound effects to add to the game without being distracting.

Overall, the game is fun to play, especially if you miss the pixelated point and click adventures of the 1990’s.  Tick’s Tales: Up All Night! is available for PC, Mac and Linux on the Phoenix Online Store (, Steam, the Humble Bundle Store, the App Store and other online retailers for $7.99.

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