SDCC: Wonder Woman Trailer Looks Great!

DC Films Finally Reveals the Wonder Woman Trailer to Fans

And man does it look great! I have to admit, after the Zack Snyder duo-debacle of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, I’ve been worried about the DC Extended Universe  in film. But damned if it doesn’t look like director Patty Jenkins and screenwriters Allan Heinberg and Geoff Johns haven’t made something special. Gone are the drab hues of the earlier two films, instead filled with vibrant colors, smiles and even humor. It’s a nice contrast, especially as the rest of the Wonder Woman Trailer plays against the backdrop of World War I.

The cut of the trailer is pretty quick, but several key pieces of Wonder Woman lore clearly exist. Surprised to see a man, she’s clearly from Themyscira, an island of immortal Amazon women who’ve lived thousands of years in isolation. Steve Trevor, an American soldier fighting in the war, is front and center. He’s played by faux-Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, who looks, well, piney as usual. She wields her golden lasso, and of course a shield and sword. Her armor, unlike in Batman v Superman, is a beautiful red, blue and gold (yes, I realize in BvS it’s supposed to look aged, which…fine) and she moves like a warrior.

Favorite Moments in the Wonder Woman Trailer

The best moments of the trailer are those where she is clear on her identity and her principles. At one moment, Steve Trevor tells her “I can’t let you do this.” Her response? “What I do is not up to you.” In a later scene (and a funny one), she meets Steve’s secretary. He informs her that a secretary “goes where he tells me to go and do what he tells me to do.” Diana retorts, “Well, where I come from, that’s called slavery.” Maybe not an exactly apt comparison, but funny, and gives you a clue where Diana’s principles lay. The comparisons to Captain America are inevitable, given both are period pieces. Both characters have spangly outfits and both will wind up in the modern era. But you know what? That’s okay. Cap’s good company to keep. It’s only a shame they’re not part of the same universe.

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