PlayStation 4 Remote Play On Windows & Mac

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Dives in Head First

Earlier in the year, Sony said it would soon bring its PlayStation Remote Play capability to Windows 10 and Mac computers. Today, they made it happen. With a simple, small app downloaded to your computer, now you can stream PlayStation 4 games with ease. The app supports using a Dual Shock 4 controller via Micro USB cable, allowing a near seamless experience. I’ve set it up on my own PC and tried a little streaming from my PS4, and I can happily report that it worked a treat–with both devices on the same network, of course. Your experience in the real world may vary.

So what do you need to get started, streaming your PlayStation games to your PC? Luckily, it’s a fairly simple and straightforward list:

  1. A PC (duh)
  2. A PS4 system
  3. A Dual Shock 4 controller with a USB cable that’ll reach your PC
  4. The software (no, seriously!)
  5. A Sony Entertainment Network Account (which every PlayStation gamer should have anyway)
  6. Fast Internet
  7. Pretzels (in case you get hungry)

The setup is simple enough. You download the software. CHECK! You install said software, which blissfully contains no malware, adware, or any other ware besides software. You run the software, which tells you to plug in your Dual Shock 4. Dutifully and like a good boy, girl or person of other gender, you really do plug in your controller. Click “Start” and pray you’ve already preconfigured your PS4, because–ha ha ha–I hadn’t. If you did, good on you! Otherwise there are instructions for that about halfway down the download page.

At this point it’s a good idea to go into the app’s settings and configure a few things. By default, it streams at 540p, but you can force it to go up to 720p and 60fps. Not bad, but if you’re at home anyway I’d suggest just playing on the PS4 directly, because bigger screens and 1080p are nicer. Now just use your Dual Shock 4 to navigate your PS4 dashboard and launch games, the same as you would right from the PS4 or the Vita. Pretty slick!

Go forth and Download for PC or Download for Mac, ye nerdy types, and tell us of thy experiences in the comments!

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