Cross-Network Play Comes to Xbox Live!

Xbox Live Opens Its Doors to All

Microsoft, today, via Xbox Wire have invited the gaming world that we can all play together via Xbox Live: PC, PlayStation, heck, you too, Wii U.

Cross-Network Play was announced for Xbox One and Windows 10, via their Universal Windows App platform, but now it’s totally open to all platforms/networks, including Microsoft’s biggest rivals: Playstation and Nintendo.

Imagine playing a Rocket League match where you’re playing against PC players, whilst half of your squad is made up of PS4 players. Well guess what, it’s happening, sorta. Psyonix will be the first third-party to include the feature in an update, soon, for Xbox One vs PC.

As for playing against other platforms, and their respected networks, like the PS4, Wii U, Steam, etc, it’ll be up to the developer to implement the feature. With any luck, in the coming year we’ll see the option become available to play games across Xbox Live, especially competitive eSports titles, finally settling the question of whether one platform’s controls really do give an extra advantage compared to others.

If there’s any real worry, it’s that, if indeed there is some advantage to be gained by players on one platform versus another, that we’ll see lopsided scoring happen on one platform or another. Will the Xbox One’s controllers put its players in the lead? Will the PS4’s? Heck, will mouse and keyboard finally be vindicated as the supreme control scheme of them all? Only time will tell.

With any luck, when developers begin implementing the ability to play across systems and networks, they’ll also allow players to filter which platforms they play with and against, so that if they do perceive any kind of disparity in competitiveness, they can make a choice for themselves. Another question that remains, though: will players be able to chat across networks, too? After all, communication is often key to success in team based games.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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