Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2!

The Civil War Heats Up as Captain America and Iron Man Go Head to Head

We’re closing in on the release of Batman v Superman, so naturally it’s imperative that Marvel gives us another Captain America: Civil War trailer to bring audience attention back to the MCU. And man, but this trailer works, and on so many freaking levels it’s just plain unfair.

The thing I like most about this trailer, like its predecessor, is that it’s quiet. While there’s plenty of action going on, the focus isn’t on the sounds of what’s blowing up or who’s getting pummeled, it’s on the conflict between our characters. And whereas the first trailer gave us a real sense of the film from the perspective of Captain America, this one hews a little more toward Tony Stark’s perspective (which he shares with none other than the United Nations, and particularly General Ross of Hulk fame).

This is going to be a movie about consequences, as we see very early in this trailer. General Ross has Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow and other Avengers in a meeting, showing them footage of the disaster porn from the first two Avengers movies and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, making it very clear why the UN is taking the position it has. “People are scared”, he says. And it’s not hard to understand why they would be, either. Aircraft carriers falling out of the sky? Murderous robots lifting cities into the sky and throwing them back down? Alien invasions? Pretty scary shit if you’re not powerful enough to fight back.

But the moment probably everyone’s been waiting for comes all the way at the end, with the reveal of Spiderman. Tony calls out “Underoos!”, comedically referencing everyone’s favorite childhood superhero pajamas, and bam, kid shows up, swipes Captain America’s shield right out of his hands, and then webs his hands together. I can already confidently say that the costume will divide fans. It lacks the texture of previous costumes, and strangely, the eyes are expressive through the magic of CG (which will probably be explained away as something of Tony Stark’s design). But he definitely has a different feel than the Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield versions, which I’m guessing is probably one of Marvel’s priorities.

What do you think? Love the trailer? Hate it? What about Spiderman? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


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