Finding Dory Trailer

Pixar Brings Nemo and Friends Back for Finding Dory

Finding Dory is the long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo, Pixar’s perennial fish tale about, well, finding a fish called Nemo. Three guesses what Finding Dory is about. If you guessed that it’s about finding a fish named Dory, you get a prize. From someone.

Disney – Pixar finally released a full length, fish friendly, trailer. The film isn’t yet rated, but is scheduled forĀ a June 17th, 2016 launch. Outside of the obvious, which you can glean from the title, there’s little word on what the film will really cover, except to say that it’s a family friendly adventure with lessons learned along the way. I guess that’ll have to do.

But it has to be asked: does it seem strange that ever since Disney bought Pixar there have been a lot more sequels to Pixar’s classic lineup? Remember when most Pixar movies were original affairs that didn’t lean too heavily on the past? Here’s hoping that Finding Dory doesn’t wind up being a repeat of Cars 2, the first Pixar movie to get a sizeable number of poor reviews from both audiences and critics. Then again, if anybody can make a sequel work, it’s Pixar. Just look at Toy Story 3 for proof enough!

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