Independence Day 2 Trailer Knocked My Socks Off

Unnecessary Sequel to Independence Day Looks Awesome

When they announced that War of 1996 Blockbuster Independence Day would be getting not just the sequel treatment, but the trilogy treatment, I have to admit I was a little baffled. The original movie was fairly clear: the aliens move their entire civilization from one planet to the next, consume all the natural resources and then move on. Ergo, there really shouldn’t be a sequel in which “they’re coming back”, because, well…their entire civilization should have died. Or…should they? I guess not. Bit regardless of whether the sequels should exist or not, I have to admit, the new trailer looks amazing, and presses pretty much every one of the right buttons.

The trailer checks every single one of the right boxes. Bill Pullman as the (now former) president we all wish we could have (especially in 2016, right?)? Check. Jeff Goldblum as the uber genius whose computer virus trick sabotaged an entire alien ship running on Macs? Check. Big fucking space ships? CHECK. That’s a huge check. Brent Spiner’s dead alien-studying scienti–wait, what? No, that’s a check, alright. Dr. Okun appears to have survived after all. That’s really interesting, because he looked awfully damn dead the last time the world’s movie watching populace laid eyes upon him. Maybe he was an android. I read that somewhere.

Anyway, though we’re sadly missing Will Smith, we at least still have Judd Hirsch, who mysteriously looks exactly like he did twenty years ago. Man does that guy age well. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s first on the list of characters to die. Because we know that this movie is one of two sequels, making it the middle movie, you can bet that Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich are looking to make this their trilogy’s “Empire Strikes Back”. That means, of course: it’ll be pretty dark, it’ll have some major character deaths, and it’ll end in defeat. Maybe not total defeat, but something pretty bad.

I can’t wait!

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