Warcraft Movie Trailer

Warcraft Battle Cry: For the Horde! Or Maybe the Alliance!

This weekend at BlizzCon was host to more than game tournaments and cosplay. Blizzard finally released their trailer to the highly anticipated film adaptation of WarCraft.

It takes place sometime during the first game, so don’t go expecting any night elves to show up…maybe a juju reference. On the other hand, let’s face it: Hollywood storytelling and continuity aren’t always the best of friends, plus, let’s face it: the early Warcraft games were a little sparse on story anyway.

Regardless, the trailer looks pretty impressive, with what appears to be a mix of CG and live action elements (or maybe just some ridiculously good CG). From the looks of things, the movie aims to provide some Lord of the Rings level spectacle, complete with massive battles, big monsters, huge stakes and a sprawling cast of characters. If the writing is half as good as the CG, it should be something worth watching on the big screen!

It’ll be out on the 10th of June, 2016.

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