Get Ready for Heroes Reborn with Dark Matters

Tim Kring’s Heroes Sequel is Almost Here

Five years ago, when Heroes choked to death on its last season finale, most of us were glad to finally see the final nail put in the coffin. Not because we wanted Heroes to die, of course. At its best, Heroes was fantastic storytelling about interesting characters dealing with extraordinary circumstances. The problem was that after the first season, the creative team behind it could never quite get their heads wrapped around their own concept again. To this day, I still blame the departure of Bryan Fuller. Yes, I know that isn’t fair. I can live with that. But now that Heroes Reborn is coming, entirely Fuller-free, it looks like an opportunity for Tim Kring and friends to prove they’re the ones who had the spark all along. Let’s hope they’re right and I’m wrong.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer (what’s wrong with you?!), I’ve embedded it here. Below that, you’ll find embeds of all six episodes of Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters, which is a sort of half prequel, half-bridge series between the original show and the new show.

So now that you’re blood is pumping from the long-as-hell Heroes Reborn trailer, check out Dark Matters. There are only 6 episodes, and they’re all short but interesting. You can watch all of them in about 44 minutes, give or take. I won’t give you any spoilers, but I will say I think it’s got an interesting setup, and I really liked the way they’re using two of the original show’s characters here. Hopefully the actual show hits the ground running.

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Part 1:

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Part 2:

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Part 3:

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Part 4:

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Part 5:

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Part 6:


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