Everyone Returning for Heroes Reborn (Updated)

The Original Cast Will Play Major Roles After All

More than five years have come and gone since Heroes, NBC’s seminal series about everyday schmoes who suddenly develop super powers and have to figure out how to fit into the modern world, disappeared from the air. After one incredible season and three that just got worse, the poor old dog was finally put out to pasture, and a world of fans both wept and sighed in relief.

When NBC announced Heroes Reborn a year and a half ago, everyone was caught off guard. Two major feelings spread far, wide and fast: hope and dread. The former, obviously, because the first season was so great. The latter, also obviously, because the rest were so…not.

But maybe the most interesting thing was that the new series is set to follow a new set of heroes (as each season of the original show was intended to do, until the studio got in the way) and villains, possibly freeing us from the burden of beloved characters the writers just didn’t know what to do with getting sent on pointless, empty story arcs.

But then it happened: they announced the return of Jack Coleman, aka “HRG”, arguably the most interesting character of the original series. Since then, a steady drip of information has revealed that more characters from the original series are on the way. This post will keep track of who’s coming back, and I’ll update it whenever there’s new information, all in a nice, easy to read and follow table. In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’re bringing these characters back not just for fan service, but because they have something new and interesting to say.

The Returning Cast of Heroes Reborn

Photo Character What We Think We Know (AKA Rumors)
HRG Heroes Reborn Noah Bennett Noah Bennett, aka “HRG”  According to more than a few sources, HRG winds up being dragged back into the fold five years after Claire’s disastrous reveal to the world that super powered people are real. Some rumors claim she’s dead, which both takes away his old motivation and gives him some decidedly darker possible motivations to boot. Good times!
 Hiro Nakamura Heroes Reborn  Hiro Nakamura, aka “Future Hiro”  Hiro was the joy and the bane of Heroes, representing the best and worst of what the show was and eventually became. In the original series, he came in two flavors: sweet, charming “now” Hiro, and bad-ass “Future Hiro”, who was indeed from the future, which is, by this point, pretty much now. Rumor has it this is the Hiro we’ll get for the entire series, and that he’ll play a major role.
 Matt Parkman Heroes Reborn  Matt Parkman Parkman was, of course, the resident telepath on the original series. There’s very little out there about him, other than to say he’ll appear in a “recurring role”. More if we get it.
 Dr. Suresh Heroes Reborn  Mohinder Suresh Like Parkman, there’s not a lot of information out there, but given he was the resident genetics expert and narrative “conscience” of the original show, I’d guess he’ll be back in that capacity to capture some of the original’s flavor.
 The Haitian Heroes Reborn Rene  Rene, aka “The Haitian” In some ways, one of the more important characters of season one, Rene had an unwavering loyalty to Noah Bennett and “the company”, and used his dual power–inhibiting other characters’ powers, and wiping memories–to help cover up the existence of super powered people. It’s not clear what role he’ll play here, but a connection to HRG is almost assured.
 Micah Sanders Heroes Reborn  Micah Sanders Now, this is really interesting. Micah was just a little boy when the original show debuted back in 2006, but quickly turned out to be an important part of the first season. His ability to communicate with electronics and software, as well as understand how hardware operates, made him a tool the manipulative Mr. Linderman wanted to use to sway an election. After that, though, he was rarely used, and never used well. I’d like to see his very interesting gift used as a significant plot device.
Angela Petrelli Heroes Reborn Angela Petrelli Mother to two of the original series’ lead characters, Angela was a master manipulator whose allegiances you could never quite gauge. We already know she lost Nathan during the original show, and it seems Peter is also dead and gone in Reborn, so that leaves her in a very interesting position, as both her main connections to anything good are, well, gone. Will she be one of the villains? Wouldn’t surprise me!


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