The Chibi Robo Amiibo is Nintendo’s Cutest Yet

Nintendo, Take My Money, Give Me Amiibos! Give me Chibi Robo!

I have to admit it: I’m an Amiibo addict. Not the kind that sits around scavenging food so I can afford more Amiibos, of course, but if I weren’t fairly savvy about finding deals, I might very well be. On Friday, I was standing outside my local Target at 6AM, eager to get my hands on several key Amiibos. I got four of them. Then, at 8:30AM, I was standing outside Toys R Us, waiting for yet another handful. I got two.

As the day progressed, I hit a few more stores and filled in a handful of the less rare ones I’d missed in the morning, while a friend who isn’t officially collecting Amiibos used a gift card I’d given him to grab whatever he could of the new wave for me at Best Buy. All in all it was a success, except for Robin and Lucina. I saw a few, but was never close enough in line to get them. Still, with a little online trading (thanks, Reddit Amiiboswap!) and some luck on Amazon, I filled out my ranks with all but Robin, so my appetite is somewhat slaked.

That is, Until this morning. Unwilling to let us Amiibros enjoy a moment’s satisfaction, Nintendo today not only announced the Japanese release date of the next Amiibo wave (July 30th, if you’re wondering. Or in Japan. Or going to Japan), but the addition of what is apparently the first Wave 7 Amiibo: Chibi Robo. On top of that, he’ll be getting his very own Wii U game with which to interact. And just like that, Nintendo ensured I’ll be standing in line again. Bastards.

The pic we have so far is attached above. Stare at it and weep. I know I will.

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