Where to find Nintendo Amiibos In Stores

Amiibos: Taming the Little Plastic Devils Bent on Making Life Hell

So you did it: you caved in and bought yourself one or two of Nintendo’s fancy little toy figures. You synced it to one of the many supported Wii U games. And that was it–Nintendo’s Amiibos swallowed your soul. But when you went back to the store you discovered, to your horror, that all the ones you thought nobody would want because they’re kinda dumb: Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, freaking Villager for Jiminy Cricket’s sakes–were gone. Sold out. And worse: some Amiibo were discontinued. The hunt was on, and, well, it’s still on, months and months later. It got worse, of course: wave after wave of the damned things keep trickling out, taunting you with cuteness and cool, if shallow, functionality. But an Amiibo is like a Lay’s potato chip: nobody can have just one.

Nintendo Amiibo Wave 4

Long story short: keeping track of which Amiibo┬áis coming out, or already came out, is a pain. Which ones will be retailer exclusives? Which will be available everywhere? Which ones will be rare? What order should you stake out your stores in? Well, that’s the point of this post: to provide you a handy, easy to read spreadsheet you can sort, download, print out and take with you to make your planning a little bit easier.

Right now, it has all the information you’ll need, direct from Nintendo’s website, but with way less work (believe me, it took some work to track it all down). I’ll update the Excel sheet every time new information becomes available, so be sure to check back periodically for the latest and greatest information. Right now, you should be good to go for the upcoming Wave 4 Amiibo race on May 29th. Information beyond that is a little scarce, but time will reveal the rest, and I’ll keep it updated for you. Hit the jump to see the embed and download the file!

Complete Chart of Known Amiibo Availability

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