DLC Review: Call Of Duty: Ghosts-The Maverick

Call of Duty’s Maverick Goes Boom, Boom, Boom

Call Of Duty: Ghosts just got a lot better, thanks to the Maverick Sniper Rifle DLC. The first thing you need to know is that this sniper rifle is not like the others in the game. While the other snipers are pretty easy to shoot and provide decent damage, this will take some getting used to.

First, the recoil is very strong and may inhibit your ability to make the kill. That’s because the power behind each shot is insanely strong. It’s pretty much a one shot, one kill kind of gun. I do not recommend it for anyone with shaky hands, as the recoil will destroy their game. It took a bit of getting used to, but once I got it down I was nearly unstoppable. I now achieve up to 45 kills per game, just sniping! Before, with the VKS equipped with thermal sights and FMJ I was barely getting 25. If you’re a good sharpshooter in the game, go for it!

One of my favorite things about the Maverick is the built-in “tracker sight”, which is basically a cross between tracker and a zoom lens. In my opinion it is worth every cent. It gets better, though: if you buy the Onslaught DLC from the Xbox live marketplace, The Maverick comes with its fully automatic, assault rifle double, which confusingly¬†goes by the same name.

The Maverick sniper rifle costs $3.99 US, but if you buy the Onslaught DLC for $15, you get the Maverick sniper rifle, assault rifle, 4 brand new maps and hours upon hours of continuous fun.

Long story short: the Maverick is an insanely powerful sniper rifle that’ll improve your game if you can learn to handle it. It’s my personal favorite weapon in Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you’re considering a purchase, I highly recommend getting the Onslaught DLC instead of just the one gun. It’s about $11 more, but it is definitely worth it for the extra maps and goodies. I hope you enjoyed my review of The Maverick for Call Of Duty: Ghosts!

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