Steam Coming to Xbox ONE?

Could Valve’s Steam Platform Bring PC Games to Xbox?

Last week’s Microsoft’s Windows 10 conference came and went. They previewed new tech, like HoloLens/holograms, Surface Hub, and Cortana. All neat kit if your a Windows aficionado, but what about Xbox One? What about Steam?

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, spent a few moments to share what Xbox could do for PCs with Windows 10. He played some Fable Legends co-op cross-play via Xbox One and a Windows 10 PC. Then played some Forza Horizon 2 on PC, streamed from an Xbox One. Oh and there was a Xbox app for Windows 10, which looks to take the best of Smart Glass and combine it with even more cool features to bring Microsoft’s two biggest platforms together.

Apps and streaming Xbox One games to other devices is cool, but what about “what the PC can do for Xbox One”… like streaming PC/Steam/Uplay games to your big screen via Xbox One? Maybe even mapping keyboard controls to an Xbox controller? That’d be nice, but sadly, it wasn’t something we saw. However, it was later mentioned in a twitter feed, so I guess that’s something.

I know it’s wishful thinking but hear me out. For a company like Valve it’d be a great, maybe wise idea over continuing with their SteamBox, saving funds/resources, which they can then just focus on their controller and app. The Xbox One could essentially be another third party SteamBox, with lower specs/settings, streaming off their own servers, or MS Cloud.

Steam on Xbox One may not make sense financially for MS to allow such an app, as Valve would be banking on 30:70 profit. But they could get some of it back through an exclusive deal, maybe times, and or require a GOLD subscription.

I digress… but guess what? After the event Phil had a few interviews where he disclosed that yes Microsoft is looking into streaming from the PC to the Xbox One. Not only that but they are looking into streaming Xbox 360 games onto Xbox ONE. Now that sounds pretty awesome.

Src – Windows Weekly and GameInformer

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