Nintendo’s new (not New) 3DS XL’s Are Gorgeous

3DS new Editions from Nintendo Delight and Confuse

Every now and again, my wallet goes into cardiac arrest and a gamer specific lump grows in my, uh, throat. Nintendo is often behind these fits of suffering, and today is yet another of those days. On September 10th, at the Gamestop Expo in Anaheim, CA, Nintendo unveiled not one, not even two, but three incredible new 3DS XL systems, each with their own special beauty. What’s confusing is this: just after announced “The NEW Nintendo 3DS”, you’d expect these editions to be that system, right? Yeah–they’re not. But with that confusing fact out of the way, these are still some stunning systems. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The NES Edition 3DS XL

NES Edition Nintendo 3DS XLThis is the unit that’ll make a nostalgic man weep, and I’m right at the front of that list. It’s a thing of beauty, right down to the NES console designed box art. Look at this thing: it even has (a picture of) the AV output ports on the side! I’ve already preordered one (I couldn’t resist), which will probably not end up being mine, but my girlfriend’s. That’s okay–I’ll be happy it lives in the same house with me. It’s a Gamestop exclusive and ships October 10th for $199.

The Persona Q Edition 3DS XL

Persona Q Nintendo 3DS XLI hate to admit it, but I’ve never played the Persona games. What’s sad is that I actually own some of them, but for whatever reason haven’t gotten around to playing them. Sad, I know. That said, the Persona Q Nintendo 3DS XL is absolutely stunning, with a deep blue coloring and a fantastic sketch design covering much of the surface. I’m tempted! That said, I’m also confused as to why this doesn’t include a Persona game. It ships November 25th for $199 and is also a Gamestop exclusive.

The Super Smash Bros 3DS XL Red and Blue Editions (yes, two!)

Nintendo Super Smash Bros 3DS XLI’m not a huge fighting game fan (because I suck at them), but these ones are tempting me silly, too. These are Best Buy exclusives, and you can get them soon, for $199 on September 19th.

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