Xbox 360 Finally Gets a 500GB Hard Drive

Xbox 360 Storage Finally Upgraded

Three long years have passed since Microsoft released a larger size hard drive for Xbox 360. The last time we got an upgrade was the 320GB model, which shipped in October, 2011. Today, we’ve learned that a new 500GB model is on the horizon, and it’s priced at a still high, but more reasonable than its predecessor, $109.99 US. There’s not a lot of room for spec discussion here: with a capacity of 500GB, it’s a fair bet that the drive itself will be a standard 5400RPM laptop hard drive with middling performance you’ll tolerate, for a price you maybe won’t have, but you certainly won’t love.

Xbox 360 500GB Hard Drive Price

While the news is welcome, and I, myself, reached out to Major Nelson asking about larger Xbox 360 hard drives recently via Twitter to no avail, I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. 500GB would have been nice a year or two ago, but today what I’d rather see is a 1TB or larger option at the $109.99 price. Or better yet, an official plastic chassis for $20-30 that will let me use any size laptop hard drive I want. For example, a nice Seagate Hybrid 128GBSSD/1TB HDD would be awfully nice for giving gamers plenty of storage and a nice performance boost on top of that.

I suppose it’ll have to do. My 320GB is down to just 11GB free (yes, I have an addiction), so I’ll have very little choice but to snag one of these in the near future. Sigh.

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