Lucy: your next homework assignment.

There are SO many things that this movie offers. Besides a strong and independent female protagonist, in line with the times—but a first for summer blockbuster cinema in terms of gross profit—Luc Besson delivers an original plot in what has been a long, dry run of remakes and non-original ideas.

It is well known to those that study and create/write on Esotericism (The practice or academic philosophy of trying to explain non-visible aspects of the universe in one theory, or understand the unknown, [or what the old Wikipedia says]) that the social movement to understand the Universe comes full circle every now and then, the last time being in the eighteen hundreds. Harry Potter explained the Universe in it’s own creative and esoteric means, as does science attempt to explore these things and explain them. Lucy is a gateway to films and writing that have been building since the 1980’s on such principles as higher densities, magic and the illusion of such, and the power of the mind . . . and this leads us to the creation of Luc Besson’s film: Lucy.

I went in expecting the worst after checking rottentomatoes, which usually has an accuracy of -10 or +10% to the current score. I realize now, there are probably two reasons to not see this film: if you are very conservative in your religious values, and if you walk in expecting a movie about the power of the mind to be an action movie through and through. I can tell you right off the bat, and it seems pretty obvious, showcasing the potential of manipulating matter with the mind in a film, action and fighting will eventually be rendered useless and inert, meaning the protagonist can easily sidestep conflict. This sidestepping was awesome to me, because it really highlighted the primitive nature of human conflict and the desire for power. So now down to the review rather than a summary.

So basically, the current spurring (new) trend in the scientific community is the connection between mind and matter and how the two relate/affect each other. Such things as quantum entanglement kind of kicked the community into thinking about how the placebo effect (the two are not really related) could be taken to bigger levels to where we can mindfully control our own processes and in certain experiments where our thoughts affect matter on a microscopic scale, such as crystalline formation differences in our tears during certain emotions. Science is beginning to realize that the placebo affect is synonymous with the power of willful thinking, or intention. I don’t feel like placing my sources here, so you’ll have to trust me. So basically Lucy takes all that and turns it into a working/fun theory and working hypothesis (literally-Morgan Freeman is a professor working on a hypothesis) movie that is equal to a professors research on this stuff. So it’s interesting just as much as it is all stuff talked about and being talked about in scientific community. There are a few things Hollywood takes liberty on, such as Newtons third law of motion (often completely broken in X-men) and the whole “We only use 10% of our brains,” an idea recently and possibly disproven (The study shows that we use most of our brain, just use it for different functions, so we don’t use it all at once) [Check out this short video explaining it]. Aside from nerding out on you for a science lesson, I loved the film. If you think it looks like the Matrix, trust me, it’s much more positive and it really just takes spiritual and annoying lovey-dovey concepts and turns them into a modern science fiction movie that works. It was done well, especially reinforcing comparative shots of the human-animal binary. Which, anytime the human is revealed in its true form—just another animal—the effect will always be enjoyable for me.

As for some spurring race issues in the film . . . yes! She is a blonde haired, blue eyed white woman being portrayed as the ultimate human; however, no issue is ever black and white and to be fair, she is not special, just a random girl in the film that is picked up off the streets. The film never makes claim that she is “it,” or “superior,” but leaves the possibility that any person of any body and brain has her potential if they were to have been chosen. While I do agree that people are growing tired of Hollywood casting white individuals for every role, even roles supposed to be played by different ethnic or cultural individuals, that is best saved for another rant entirely.

Reason to see this film: It will get you thinking, and it’s never dull. I believe we will start to see more and more movies that explore quantum consciousness in matter and the three axioms of quantum theory (Measurement, Superposition & Entanglement), so this is a nice start. 
Reason to not see it: If you ignorantly (my bias coming through) “think” you know how the world works, then don’t waste your time. OR if you think this film is going to give you real workable answers.

The film is just a good basis for a potential theory on the human mind and it’s own creative esoteric path on the mind and Universe, two things that science attempts to understand, but largely doesn’t . . . yet.

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