Heroes Reborn: Jack Coleman Returns as Noah Bennett!

Heroes Reborn Dips Into One of Its Best Characters

Fresh from the folks at Deadline, casting news revealed today that Heroes Reborn will feature none other than Jack Coleman, returning to the role of Noah Bennett from the original series. What this ultimately means to the plot is anyone’s guess. Given that, by the end of the original series, Bennett, referred to by adoring fans as “HRG” for most of Heroes’ first season, was no longer the mysterious operative he started out as, it’s tough to say what he’ll be up to in the new series. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to throw out a few guesses, though. Hit the jump to read more and share your thoughts on the return of HRG!

Heroes Reborn Logo LargeFirst, back in season 1 we learned that 5 years in the future a catastrophe had sent anyone with powers into hiding. In that future, we found that Bennett, now long since separated from his previous role as a “bag and tag” operative for some shadowy organization, worked to hide “special” people and helped them out with money, secret identities, etc. That future was ultimately changed, of course, but as with most time travel stories, there’s always a sense of “push back” when you change history. On top of that, it’s now well beyond those original 5 years (it’ll actually be 9 years later when Heroes Reborn launches next year), so who’s to say what’s happened in the 5 years since Heroes left the air?

Second, suppose Claire’s “coming out” gesture at the end of season 4 actually had catastrophic consequences. What if, rather than society at large saying “Oh, cool, real fucking superhumans!” and embracing the heroes, the world shit their pants and went into full on Nazi prosecute mode (in the post-9/11, NSA-spying, TSA-groping, Drone-bombing world we now live in, I’d say it’s pretty plausible), rounding up “specials”? It’d make for one hell of a tense status quo, and provide a tremendous opportunity for Heroes, new and old, to re-emerge, save the day, and topple the oppressive culture/government/corporation/whatever.

It’s anybody’s guess what Noah will be up to in Heroes Reborn, but just throwing darts at an invisible board I’d like to see him using his classic “secret agent” bag of tricks to round up┬áhis own group of Heroes to lead them against some kind of evil. Who knows–maybe it’ll even have something to do with Claire. She’d be target 0 if the world did go apeshit, after all.


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