Climax With Bayonetta 2 E3 Trailer

Get Lots of Action This Fall with Bayonetta 2

Need a good climax? Try Bayonetta 2…

Nintendo calls Sarah Palin Bayonetta 2 a “Climax Action” game. I call it a ‘digital tease’ with extras. There will be cos-play outfits from other Nintendo games, such as Samus’s Metroid armor or Link’s Legend of Zelda green outfit and cap.  It’s dress up with guns! We’re hoping for a Mario and Luigi outfit, too, maybe a Yoshi…or a racoon suit, for furrys… A Sarah Palin-esque character in Link gear is…oddly disconcerting and hot at the same time.  The disc version of the game will include the original Bayonetta.  Two games for the price of one!

The Bayonetta sequel is set to climax release this October on Wii U.

Src: Nintendo via YouTube

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