Heroes Reborn: 5 Things It Needs To Succeed

NBC Outs Heroes Reborn for 2015 ‘Mini series’

When Heroes died a couple of years back, no one was really surprised. Following a stellar first season, the show struggled to recover from the blow it took during the 2009 writer’s strike. The fallout of that strike left the series in a bad place from which it never really recovered, and by the end, the majority of the fanbase had abandoned ship. But for those who remained, rumors of a series revival last year signaled hope for their beloved franchise. Well, now it’s a reality: Heroes Reborn will bring the series back to TV screens in 2015. Short of a logo, a 13 episode order and the return of creator Tim Kring as executive producer, not much is really known about the new series, so the question is: what do you want from the new season of Heroes? I have a few suggestions and I’d love to hear yours. Head on past the break and let’s talk!

For me, the announcement of Heroes’ return is bittersweet. Sweet, because I think the show has, and always had, amazing potential to tell great stories. The first season was proof enough of this. Bitter, because as time went on, the show lost focus and ultimately let the fans down. But with those facts both acknowledged, I think Heroes Reborn has a shot at doing something special here. One of the things I’m most glad about is that it’s coming with only 13 episodes. This is great news, as we’ve seen in recent years that shows with short seasons frequently offer tight, lean storytelling with very little fluff (no guarantees of quality, though; just look at season 8 of Dexter. Ugh). So without further ado, here are the 5 things I think Heroes Reborn needs to succeed.

1. Keep the plotting lean. Don’t go crazy on storylines that go nowhere or don’t directly feed the overall story or character arcs.

2. Keep the cast lean. We don’t need dozens of new Heroes, each with a different power and daddy issue. What we need are a solid core cast of a few characters, each of whom are thematically relevant to the overall plot and act as a foil or counterpart to one of the other characters. Oh, and if you’re going to use members of the original cast, do something meaningful with them. Ideally, something cruel and unexpected.

3. A great villain. Sylar was great in season one of Heroes. After that…not so much. Heroes Reborn needs an iconic villain who will resonate with audiences. He or she needs to be personable and have an understandable goal we can somewhat sympathize with, and yet…go too far.

4. Stakes. This means: either eliminate time travel altogether or make it a meaningful one-off, not a magic reset button. If we lose a beloved character, it has to stick if it’s to have any gravitas.

5. A big payoff. One of the areas where even season one of Heroes was a letdown was in the payoff department. People watch superhero movies and shows for the characters, yes, but they also watch for the special effects heavy superpowers brawls. The battles need to be spectacles, not two guys grunting as they shove dirt clods at each other.

So for whatever it’s worth, those are my thoughts. What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let me know what your thoughts are! What do you want from Heroes Reborn?

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