DTS Sound is Surround Sound in your Pocket.

from one of our contributing bloggers:

Better graphics need better sound. DTS sound.

DTS Headphone:X. Interestingly, just a few weeks back I was writing here about this very idea that I had experienced back in the 1990’s at Siggraph. The technology has now been resized from what it was then (maybe six huge racks of tech) down to software and tiny hardware, promising a full blown surround DTS sound experience with standard headphones.

Now, I am not positive this is the same tech I heard in the 90’s, but if it is, it’s “blowing your socks off” time. That was MORE than surround sound. It was sound the way you actually hear sound. Close when it is close, distant when it is distant. It’s not just around you, “surrounding you with full sound.” It is like reality, where the bird flies by and you can grasp direction and distance with your eyes closed. It was so close to reality it was creepy…but, it is the way sound is meant to be heard.

Hard to believe? It’s completely believable! Because I experienced this in the 1990’s, the only difference is that now, it’s smaller. Everything I read at the website would appear unbelievable, and if I had not experienced it myself, well – I would have trouble believing until I did. But I have, and nobody here is making up anything. Simply put – it’s a surround sound system in your pocket.

Revolutionize sound? What I heard way-back-when would do more than that. What they had created was a surround sound system with just two speakers. In today’s modern world, we might get back to that at some point, but the obvious frontier is headphones. No need for fancy multiple speakers systems when a standard pair will do just fine.

This is something that not too many folks have discussed regarding E3 – and that is that the time for this tech has come. This tech holds an unwritten promise to remove the clumsy 7.1 speaker systems, and reduce it all to two.

Here is another article, with excerpts below. (Excerpts from laptopmag.com)
”…a new mobile audio solution that promises to faithfully recreate the sound of specific listening environments using even the simplest pair of headphones.”

“The resulting sound was so accurate, that it legitimately sounded as the the audio was pouring from the seven speakers surrounding us rather than the pair of headphones we were listening to. DTS says the technology will allow recording artists, motion picture sound engineers and gaming audio engineers to create audio that replicates the exact environment they want listeners to hear.”

“The most impressive thing about all of this, though, is that it doesn’t require an incredibly expensive pair of headphones to hear the kind of audio that Headphone X was made to create.”

So, gamers and all you nerdy, geeky, technophiles: What’s the point of better graphics without sound to match?

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