Zombie Survival Tips & How Boating Can Save Your Life

Guest Post by April Harper

You wake up, get ready for work, walk out the door and find that your pristine, perfect world has transformed overnight. Your once friendly neighbors claw at the fence, trying to break through the wooden planks and get at your flesh. The school kids who would normally wait sedately for the bus wander around in tattered clothes and decaying skin as they seek a human snack.  It’s time to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

Believers and skeptics could argue all day about the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse, and no one would win the argument. Until it happens. You’ve accepted the possibility, and you’re prepared. You can set yourself up for survival. You want to be one of the lucky ones around for rebuilding a new society.

Escape Plan

Until the living figure out how to eradicate Earth of zombies, you need an escape plan. While being strong enough to fight off the undead will be helpful, long term survival actually requires cunning and mental prowess. You can only keep zombies at bay for so long. In the long run, you need an actionable and well-thought-out escape plan. The key to an effective escape plan is getting somewhere that zombies can’t access—like an uninhabited island. Zombies can’t even walk with much finesse. After all, their favorite mode of transportation is a lazy shamble. They certainly can’t do anything that requires better coordination such as swimming. As you plan what you will do when this unavoidable occurrence takes place, turn your eyes to coasts and plan your over-the-water escape.

Pick the Place

Not just any old island will do come the zombie apocalypse. To increase your chances of survival once Armageddon begins, select a sparsely populated island because islands brimming with residents will also be overrun with zombies. Try some of the less commonly known islands, like those that rest in Lake Erie. Kelleys Island, for instance, had an estimated population of 310 as of 2011, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While 310 zombies—if, of course, they all turned—would be difficult to fight off, this army of the undead would be much smaller than the one you would face on the mainland. For an even less imposing force, try North Bass Island, another island in the Erie archipelago. While up-to-date records are difficult to find—and will be non-existent when the zombie apocalypse comes—this island boasts 24 full-time residents as of 2007, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Preparing Now

Don’t sit around and waste away the days. Because you don’t know how long you have until this cataclysmic event, you should get ready now. Take boating lessons to ensure you have the skills necessary to make your genius escape. Secure your own vessel or buddy up with a friend who you could enlist when the undead rise up. Receiving your boating license in Ohio will expedite your travels from the mainland to Ohio’s neighboring islands. While it may seem that something silly like having a license will be unimportant come day one of the zombie apocalypse, you can never be too careful. After the apocalypse, good luck finding someone willing to teach you how to drive a boat.

When you wake up to find the world crawling with zombies, the difference between survival and extinction will likely depend upon preparedness. Think about it now. Develop your plan, share it with trusted friends and family, and be ready for the unavoidable day in which the dead over-take the earth and start to feast on the brains of the living. You will be glad you did!

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