Microsoft Points Worth More?!?

Maybe Microsoft Points are Worth More than Cash

We did a bit of reseach over on Microsoft’s FAQ on currency transition. Your existing Microsoft Points value will be “equal or greater” to local currency when the conversion takes place, though no date as to the conversion has been given. What we do know is that sometime later this year, the antiquated and confusing Microsoft Points system will be put out to pasture (actually, I like to think of it as being taken out back and shot) and retired in favor of something much of the rest of the world likes to call “real money.” What this means for consumers is pretty simple: you’ll actually know how much you’re paying for things without breaking out the bizarro-world calculator. And of course, if you’re very, very lucky–you may just see a few extra coins appear in your account beyond what you already have. Perhaps you should consider any extra an advance against how much Microsoft’s planning to screw you on Xbox One.  Or those “new” games.

So if you see deals on MS Points you may want to consider investing for a quiet little flip when the conversion finally happens. Worst comes to worst, you come out even and have some money to spend.

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