iFixit Dissects Xbox 360 Super Slim

Microsofts New Xbox 360 Super Slim Gets Gutted

In 1989’s Tim Burton directed former-classic Batman movie, Jack Nicholson, as the Joker, said, “You can’t make an omelette without breakin’ some eggs!” moments before he shot Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne. While that movie may not stand up well, the sentiment clearly still does, as evidenced by the fine folks at iFixit, who’ve taken it upon themselves to tear Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 Super Slim to shreds. In the interest of science, of course. The quick and dirty takeaway is this: the new Xbox 360 “E” is a little smaller and a little quieter than the S version it replaces, but in most respects uses the same internals as its 2010 predecessor. It loses one USB port, for a total of 4, and the old AV connector has been eliminated entirely, in favor of a lone HDMI port and an optical output–both of which the very first release of the Xbox 360 lacked entirely.

You can find a screenshot of the new Xbox’s motherboard after the break, but be sure to hit the source link for the full details, especially if you have the urge to gut your own Xbox 360 Super Slim, should you have one.

Xbox 360 Super Slim internals Head on over to iFixit for all the details!

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