Sony’s Playstation 4 Just Violated Xbox One’s Rear Ports…Sexually

Playstation 4’s E3 2013 Unveiling Trumps Xbox One’s on Every Possible Level.

Once in awhile, the wide web of consumer culture gets a special kind of privilege. Which kind, you ask? Well, there are two. The first is something we saw at E3 2006, and then saw again today, at E3 2013. That privilege is this: we get to watch the complete and total meltdown of a company’s previously successful brand, caused not so much by its competition but by the biting arrogance of the company that owns it. Today, we watched Microsoft’s Xbox brand complete the implosion that it began on May 21st, in much the same way as we watched Sony’s Playstation brand collapse in on itself in 2006.

The other kind of privilege we occasionally get is actually my favorite: the resurgence of a once popular, quality brand, after a company has spent years paying for its arrogance and mistakes. We got that today with Sony’s fulfilling announcement of the Playstation 4, a device that can best be described as a love letter and a heartfelt apology to the fans who’d been betrayed previously.

All That Gaming Stuff has been talking about today’s events for hours, and we have a slew of news and thoughts on the matter. An editorial discussing the whole day is forthcoming, and you can expect it by morning tomorrow. Check us out below!

Sony Bitch-Slaps Microsoft’s Xbox One

Gamer-centric TV from Sony

Behold the Playstation 4


How to Share Games on Playstation 4 (this is great!)


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