Sony Celebrates Indie Developers

Indie Developers Showcased During Sony E3 2013 Conference

During Sony’s E3 conference, they showcased a number of indie developers, all of whom have games making their exclusive debut on PS4.  These included:

Don’t Starve

A new release from Tribute Games

octodad - all that gaming stuffYoung Horses’ Octodad – While showing off an octopus dad trying to interact in a world with a human mom, Sony snuck in a quick joke about the E3 2006 giant crab debacle.  Yep, this is about as realistic.




Switchblade Monkey’s Secret Panchosthe trailer for which you can view below:

Ragtag Studios’ Ray’s the Dead, which takes zombies back to the 16-bit world.  It actually has a bit of a Plants vs. Zombies vibe, but without the shooting sunflowers.

17-bit Games’ Galak-Z – an open world space shooter that the Sony presenter seemed to rave about.

Given the difference in price point and used game policies between Microsoft and Sony, it wouldn’t surprise us if more indie developers make a switch over to Playstation and develop games for the PS4 instead of Xbox One.

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