Sony Bitch-Slaps Microsoft: No DRM on PS4, No 24 Hour Check-in. Oh, and $399.

PS4 DRM Officially Craps On Xbox One: Your Games are YOURS.

It’s official: Playstation 4 will NOT block used games in any way. It will allow you to loan games to friends, let you keep on renting games, sell them, trade them, buy them used if you want. The PS4 will also not be required to check-in every 24 hours for DRM purposes, and it will not cease to function as a game console if you can’t get online. In other words, Playstation 4 will handle used games in the same way Playstation 3 handles used games, the same way Xbox 360 and every console in the history of consoles ever has. Every console, that is, except for Xbox One. PS4 is a system that, like Nintendo’s Wii U, respects its customers’ right to own the property they pay for. Way to go, Sony! Hats off to you for a sensible PS4 DRM policy.

But it gets better: In the US, PS4 will launch at $399–a full $100 less than Xbox One. In Europe it’ll launch at 399 Euros and in England, 349 Pounds Sterling.

Clearly, Sony has learned the lesson from their arrogance with PS3 and have come out swinging, with a genuine desire to make up for their past mistakes. PS4, I eagerly await your launch with my dollars.

Playstation 4 PS4 full system vertical

PS4 Full System

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