Playstation 4 Accessories Priced, 500GB Hard Drive Standard

Sony’s big Playstation 4 News Day Continues

It has been, let’s just be honest here, one HELL of a day for the games industry. It started off with a strong games showing by Microsoft, which rapidly cooled with the news that their bullshit DRM policies would continue unabated, but it ended strong with a Playstation 4 press conference that gave us most of the details we were looking for. PS4 won’t block used games, won’t require an online connection, and it won’t screw you out of an extra Benjamin for inferior hardware. But a couple of gaps were left, and, like some kind of artsy, satisfying porno movie (I know, that’s a contradiction in terms, but I can dream, can’t I?), those gaps have been filled, including prices on Playstation 4 accessories. Read below¬†for the full deets!

Playstation 4 front horizontal

PS4 Front

Via a press released from the land of the rising sun (AKA Japan, for those of you in Redmond, Washington), word has come that extra Dual Shock 4 controllers will run you a not-insignificant $59 US when PS4 launches. In addition, the much-ignored PS4 Eye camera will launch at the same $59 price point. Still no word on whether one is included in the box, but I’m guessing that it won’t be–otherwise, why sell the damn thing separately?

But the best news is this: Playstation 4 will ship with a 500GB internal hard drive. No word is given on whether the system’s hard drive will be user replaceable, but given all the other things Sony’s done right thus far, coupled with the precedent of the PS3’s hard drive being easily replaced by even the most technically inept end users, it’s probably safe to guess that the hard drive will also be replaceable. Perhaps the only bummer is that it doesn’t have an SSD, but then, they’re still a bit on the expensive side, and something had to give, somewhere, to ensure that Sony could dramatically undercut Microsoft by a full 20% on Xbox One.

Hit the source document if you want some other nitty gritty!

Source: Sony Japan.

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