Xbox One: Used Games Sorta OK.

Microsoft’s Xbox One Used Games Snafu Now Just a Sna.

You probably heard: Microsoft’s May 21st of the Xbox One, which many had hoped would be their moment of triumph, actually blew up spectacularly in their face. Part of that was due to the absurd choice to focus almost the entire conference on Xbox One’s television features (which, to me, seem a bit late to the party for those of us who’ve abandoned cable and moved to a “streaming only” approach for getting our TV kicks). The biggest part, though, was the realization that the system would indeed invoke some weird DRM voodoo that takes away consumer’s rights to the games they buy, followed by the other realization that nobody inside the Xbox team seemed to have a fucking clue what was going on. After a long and very public display of mixed messages, conflicting statements and much gnashing of teeth by fans, just about everyone was ready to explode.

Well, somebody at Microsoft must have realized that their fortunes with Xbox One were melting away with every moment and every comment forum post, because today they’ve revealed a much more cohesive, comprehensive set of ideas about how this whole thing will work. For all the details I’m gonna shunt you over to our gaming wing at All That Gaming Stuff (you should check it out!), but here’s the 30,000 foot view: Things aren’t as bad as we feared, but they’re definitely a step down from what we have today.

Go get them details and tell us what you think in the comments!

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