All is Not Lost on My Windows Phone

My Windows Phone Took a Dive, But My Data is Safe

My Windows HTC 8X phone took a dive last night.  Literally.  I’ll skip the details, but it was submerged for long enough that it may now be an expensive shiny plastic brick (more on that later).  While I’m pretty bummed about this, as I LOVE that phone (which I wrote about earlier) and it’s not going to be cheap to replace, there is one thing that makes me very happy – none of my data is gone, because it’s a Windows phone.  How, you may ask?

I received the first email this morning: “What about all your pictures?!?  Can you get them back?”  I didn’t even have to look – that’s the beauty of a Windows phone.  All my photos are automatically uploaded to my SkyDrive.  No need to “sync” anywhere after I first set up the phone and added my Microsoft account, no need to periodically check – they’re just there.  All safe, sound, secure and not tied to my phone.  I didn’t lose the shots of my daughter’s sixth birthday or the videos of when her and her cousins first attempted bowling.  Thank you Microsoft!

“But what about your contacts?” My Windows phone has me covered there, too.  When I got my HTC 8X, Best Buy managed to break my previous dumb-phone.  While some of my contacts were on an excel sheet, quite a few of my phone numbers were only in that phone.  It sucked, big time, to eventually get that phone to turn on and transfer the phone numbers, one by one, into my phone.  And this was AFTER I had signed up for Verizon’s backup assistant, only to learn that it had not given me any assistance.  None.  Not a single phone number or name in their system, which had supposedly been “automatically” backing up my data.  I no longer trust Verizon for that, but I do trust the email account that I use every single day.  If I add a contact to the “people” hub on my Windows phone or on my computer, or add contact in LiveMail, they automatically sync.  If that person has a Facebook or LinkedIn account (as well as a number of other Social Media services) that I’m connected to, I can just click a button and the data is linked between accounts.  I can lose the phone (which remains to be seen, there’s currently a hair dryer working away at it), I can lose every computer I own, and all of the contact information tied to my Microsoft account will still be happily sitting in the cloud, waiting for me to log in and access it.

While the past day had sucked, with no phone, and the looming prospect of a few hundred bucks flushed down the drain, I am comforted knowing that I will NEVER lose my pictures, contacts, or apps, as long as I have a Microsoft account.

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