Are Gamers as Bad as Politicians and Zealots

I could be just as wrong as you are. Or, you could be as right as I am.

As I travel about on the web, and do my daily reading, I find many situations and issues that are, ah…’informative’ and ‘enlightening’. Recently, I had the pleasure to realize just how much viewpoints of religion, politics and gaming all have in common for gamers.
First off, it’s the defensiveness over any and every differing viewpoint. Such as the recent need for Microsoft to “turn comments off” on a youtube post regarding an as yet UNRELEASED product (Xbox one). Lots of big people talking there, with big opinions, proving more about themselves than about anything else.

Another had to do with a sabotaged YouTube post of gaming tropes by a feminist. Really…are we all so dim as to instantly prove her right with a spew of hate? Nice job. BTW, it’s very hard to criticize someone’s view when you make their point for them. Great support, BTW.

Lastly, I read an article on the Xbox one, and forum comment people were quite divided about the product, nay, entertainment delivery system – and the insults flew back and forth. The PS4 folks believe (like the Xbox folks) that their system is ‘the best’. Hooray for corporate lackeys, yeaaaay. The PC folks were insulted by the very idea of any consoles ever, and felt that they are superior humans, and that everyone else is magically a monkey, and ‘if those monkeys could only have brains for a moment they would see this’.

Say…where have I heard those arguments before…? Oh yeah, religion and politics. Subscribing to a viewpoint on a purely emotional basis is no good folks, if all you have is rhetoric and bile to spew, then you don’t actually have a point to make. Those are feelings – not facts. Otherwise what you are basically saying is: “Well, I am SUPERIOR, because I attend the cult of I’m NOT a monkey.” (*no facts regarding my actual intellect, genetics or other superiority aspects can be discussed because there aren’t any*) I might point out that nuclear weapons were created by people likely more intelligent than yourself. See how great, kind, generous, and peaceful the world has become? Thankfully, war was forever eliminated as a fear or possibility!

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

At the end of the day, what are the platform arguments really about? An entertainment delivery method? That’s like arguing the quality of a coffee cup, and ignoring the coffee. Maybe some people actually like paper – who the hell are you to say different, especially in a supposedly democratic nation? Because if you beat on them for that, then you don’t actually believe at all in anyone’s  freedom of choice or speech. Buddy, when theirs goes, yours will too. If anything, you should be defending their right to chose. That doesn’t force you to agree, now does it?

As for the Xbox one post…it’s an unreleased product. What are gamers, Apple lackey’s now? Going off to “Apple church?” Because it is exactly that same type of thinking, that is damn sure how it sounds and comes across to all the sane people in the world who are not obsessed with video game entertainment. Yes, the internet gives us the ability to be ‘anonymous.’ It’s that very abuse that is killing it, and destroying a freedom. If we can’t say anything, or post a picture without people trashing us and knowing who we are, then what is left?

Seriously, I bet some people behave badly because they know damn well someone would otherwise pop over and beat the living snot out of them if they were not anonymous. But at the end of any cruelty, we still have to live with ourselves. And believe me, it can only get worse as you age.

Lastly…the forum comments for the feminist…painfully, too many of her comments are accurate. But, it’s like many jokes – someone often has to be abused in order for there to be a laugh. It’s not so funny when that person is you. Many men, even to this day, like kicking women in one way or another. And yet, we are so blind as to miss the idea we were born with nipples. Know what that means? Yeah – you just might have well have been a girl, you were constructed on the same platform.

Think for a moment why aliens are great gaming foes. Is it because they are monsters? Or is it because humans don’t know any real aliens, and it’s just a great way to have a faceless, feeling-less enemy to beat upon? Sorry, no matter who gamers war against, they still have feelings. You believing they are ‘just a monster’ minimizes YOU. The commentary about your puny self is made about you, by you, for you. IF you missed it…well, whose fault was that?

Everyone has friends and family, and it’s just not so simple as merely hating someone because we don’t see eye to eye. Sure is a great way to drag us back into the stone age of thinking though. Thanks a lot. We are not so different from apes after all. We just have less hair and far better tools.

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