Windows 8’s New Ads Make Siri its Biatch

Windows 8 Logo 2013Windows 8’s Big Guns Come Out–And They’re Aimed at Apple

It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft is finally getting a clue with its Windows 8 advertising. Up until recently, it was focused on what I, frankly, think of as complete idiocy: dancing, spinning, twirling idiots, smiling as they snap keyboard accessories that aren’t even included with the product on and off ad infinitum for 30-6o seconds on a stretch. I suppose that’s fine if you’re marketing to the 3 year old crowd, but it’s effectively pointless for people who want to actually know something useful about a product before making a purchase decision. Thankfully, the new Windows 8 commercials have come to the rescue, showing off just what the operating system is capable of.

But what’s especially ballsy is where Microsoft is aiming its new advertising guns: straight at Apple’s face. In two newly released advertisements, Windows 8 and RT tablets are pitted head to head with Apple’s market-leading iPad. In the newest trailer (below), Microsoft essentially slaps the iPad around repeatedly, highlighting the many features Windows 8 tablets boast that Apple’s tablet doesn’t. My favorite, though, is the commercial that basically turns Apple’s much-loved and much-loathed virtual assistant Siri into Windows 8’s bitch. The first commercial is here, the second one is after the break. Check ’em out and share your thoughts in the comments!


And just because it’s fun to say, watch this one where Windows 8 makes Siri its bitch. Funny, funny stuff.


The new campaign, in many ways, harkens back to Apple’s classic “PC vs Mac” commercials from several years back, but with a good deal more substance to them. It’s good to see that Microsoft is finally waking up on this front, as their initial approach to advertising the reasons why Windows 8 is so great was, to say the least, lackluster.

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