Does Halo TV need to happen? Or is it a great idea?


Today, Microsoft announced Halo TV. And…everyone loves and plays Halo. Whee. It was a good story for awhile, but for some of us…maybe TV is where it belongs now, I don’t know. Much ado was made about a movie, and now a TV show. Which admittedly, with the many independent film makers out there in youtube-land, shouldn’t be too hard to get in with great quality, story and under budget. But I doubt that is the way it will go. Still…how long ago was Halo? July 21, 1999? That is like a thousand years in game time. Hello Methuselah.


I cannot but wonder if this story is dried out. For a long while (up until Halo Reach) I was somewhat fond of Halo, both story and gameplay-wise. After Halo 4 though, my impressions have soured, just like so many others. Was it the intro of the Forerunners? Nope…just tired of the “on and on”. Like many game franchises, I think it had it’s day in the sun. (COD/MW comes to mind also). It feels tired, like a retread of a retread of a retread for Halo TV.


What Should We Expect?

Of course, this is all my negative opinion, as Falling Skies began to get boring, long ago (to me) and yet, this year perked up somewhat, and Steven Spielberg produced that too. I would probably say they have ‘similar genetics’ in that respect, because he is producing both. So there should be some similarities in feel and tone for Halo TV, or at least the “soap-opera-ness” tone that so many shows have managed to accumulate. (I suppose I just expect that).

walking dead_ATGS

In some ways, I am reminded of The Walking Dead, and just how to beat a season to death with that aspect. Maybe in the end run, what I am worried about is it’s just going to become another cash cow to milk until it is dry, and all it will really be is a science fiction backdrop with some daytime TV actors tossed in to “spice up an action soap opera.” I am concerned that like The Walking Dead, some seasons will become an exercise in dragging out a series of episodes to see just how far writers can take a single idea or topic (like being on a farm, and how that was beaten to death).

I suppose in that sense I don’t want to be negative, I really would like to see Halo TV succeed and do well. Maybe something along the lines of Fringe.


Although, the last season of Fringe felt rushed and out of place, as if it didn’t really fit. It was an ‘finalizing’ series of episodes to tidy up a long story that really needed more time to tell it, and it just didn’t feel right. The last season felt hammered in and bolted on.

Still, it is and was a far cry from the Walking Dead, quality wise in storytelling, and that is what I really would like to see. Seriously, a mountain of great science fiction has been written, but so little has been faithfully translated into a film format. Don’t screw this up….because it might become a nail in someone’s coffin.

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