Pikmin 3 Preview

Pikmin 3 – Giant Food, Utter Cuteness, and New Features!

Pikmin 3 for Wii U features three new main characters: Alph, Brittany, and the captain, Charlie.  The background to the game is that their planet is facing its doomsday due to a lack of food.  They crash land into the Pikmin’s world and start exploring for food.  They use the Pikmin to help gathering the “huge” food and then convert it into juice.  The game is played in the form of days, where you need to do a certain amount of gathering and exploring per day.  However, you can only explore from dawn to dusk, the night is too dangerous.

In Pikmin 3, different Pikmin have different skills.  You need to pick the correct colors to maximize your food gathering!  You can also delegate tasks to different groups each day.  Unlike earlier versions of Pikmin, in Pikmin 3 you can restart an area, a day, or go back to an earlier day, without limitation in the replays of the days.

Pikmin 3 box - all that gaming stuffYou need cute?  Pikmin has cute in ridiculous abundance.  Between the characters themselves (cutest astronauts ever), to the Pikmin, the giant fruit, and even the giant insects the characters  battle are adorable.


The gamepad is called the KopPad in this game and has multiple uses throughout the game.  It can show areas that you have explored, creating a master map for each level.  You can scroll through the map on the KopPad to see the areas in detail on the tv screen, and then move characters using your finger, or review what each is doing.  You can also do a fast-forward and rewind replay of the day on the KopPad, which is especially useful when trying to create a more efficient run of the day.

Gamepad control is to be similar to Pikmin on Game Cube.  You can also use the Wii remotes to play, though without the KopPad features.

When Can I get it?

In addition to story mode, there will be a challenge mode, more of which will be revealed in future updates (aka E3)

Pikmin 3 will be released on August 4th, 2013 for the Wii U.


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