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Nintendo Direct – Sonic, Mario, and More Exciting News!

This morning Nintendo Direct released a half hour live streaming press release.  Check it out:

The short version of the Nintendo Direct news feed?  Winter Olympics, Sonic, Mario, Zelda, and more games on the way!  Expect more analysis from us later.  But for now, watch the video!

Wii U announcements will be released on June 9th during E3.  Sounds like they’ll be more details on some of the games announced and discussed today.  Exciting stuff!

Source: Kotaku


We told you it was coming, right?  So for those of you that don’t have time to watch the half hour Nintendo Direct press release, or just want to read the highlights, here’s just some of the exciting news contained in the update:

Sotoru Itawa stated that, while last year was all about Wii U and software, this year will be all about the games (and Luigi.)  The first he mentioned was the new Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, which we did a separate post about here.  Team Mario competes against Team Sonic on all the classic winter Olympic sports, including skiing, snowboarding, pairs figure skating, and crazy mixed events (skiing, skating, and sledding all at once!)

Sonic Lost World - all that gaming stuffSonic will also be featured in his own game.  Sonic – Lost Worlds is an upcoming action adventure platform.  It will be exclusively on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.  We’re expecting more details on the game as we get closer to E3.

A large number of Sega Game Gear titles are going to be released soon for Nintendo 3DS.  We’ve been seeing this with Gameboy titles and are looking forward to adding to our “retro” collection on our 3DS!

Speaking of retro, two Zelda titles are to be released at the end of the month for the 3DS.  Zelda Oracle of Ages and Zelda Oracle of Seasons are two separate games, but you can link them together for additional content!

New details were brought up on Game & Wario, a series of neat mini-games for the Wii U.  Read more here.

Animal Crossing New Leaf  was presented in more detail by Treehouse – Nintendo.  A new video was released explaining the friend system that is going to be built in to Animal Crossing.  It’s part of the hardware.  Visit YouTube or the eShop to learn more about the game.  It will also be incorporated into the new mii plaza and be part of the Swapnote system.  Animal Crossing New Leaf will be released on June 9th.

New Super Luigi U - all that gaming stuffThe Nintendo Update emphasized that this is the year of Luigi.  With that, there will be a new game released later this summer, New Super Luigi U.  Check out all the details here.

Resident Evil Revelations is being released for Wii U with updated graphics, control with the gamepad, and new content for Wii U.  There is a new “infernal” game mode.  Capcom has added the characters of Hank and Rachel to the game modes.  The gamepad shows map and info, without interrupting game on tv.  For those of you that play typical games, having the story keep running while you check the map or your items can be both a blessing (no pausing the action!) and a curse (no pausing the action…)  Resident Evil Revelations, like many Wii U games, can also be played with the gamepad alone, or by using Wii controllers.  The game is Miiverse compatible for even MORE content. Per the Nintendo Update, Resident Evil Revelations will be available on May 21st in the Nintendo store and eShop.  A downloadable demo is currently available.

The Wonderful 101 game now has a September 15th release date.

Pikmin 3 is full of cuteness, and new adorable astronauts.  Check out more details here!

Nintendo at E3

Nintendo emphasized that their role at E3 is all about the games this year.  While normally only industry folk (and occasionally lowly blog writers) get to experience the new games and hardware at E3, this year Nintendo has announced “E3 for the people.” During the week of E3, unreleased Nintendo games, including some of the ones mentioned above, will be  at more than 100 Best Buys.  Check back at the start of June, and we’ll find out which Best Buy near you will be hosting the latest Nintendo games!

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