Windows 8 Store Passes 70,000 Apps, Shows OSX How It’s Done

Microsoft’s Controversial Windows 8 OS Is Gaining Ground–Fast

Windows 8, whether you love it or hate it, is a success. After recently announcing that the dramatically redesigned OS has already sold more than 100 million copies, Microsoft has gone something on the offensive in various blog posts, defending their design choices and their ongoing work to adapt the OS to consumer needs. But now there’s something new to crow about, and the only surprise is that there hasn’t yet been a press release: the Windows 8 App Store is now home to more than 70,000 apps. You read that right, folks: in 7 months of market availability, Windows 8 has 5 times as many apps in its marketplace as Apple’s OSX has, and it launched over 2 years ago. Head on past the break for the full details.

Windows 8 StoreThe first thing you’ll notice, but not be at all surprised about, is the distribution of the app categories. Education, Entertainment and Books are tops, with Games trailing not far behind. Each of these categories has more than 6,000 apps all by itself. Between the four, they make up more than 1/3rd of the marketplace. Following along just a little further behind is the Tools category, featuring everything from flashlights to rulers to speed tests, network tests and toggles, etc. There’s quite a range of additional categories rounding out the rest of the list, but that gets you through the top 5 categories in the Windows 8 App Store, and I trust you can read the rest to see how your favorite categories are doing.

Perhaps most optimistic of all though is the daily app count. On average over the last two weeks, more than 400 new apps have been added to the store every single day. That’s an impressive count by any measure, but perhaps even more impressive than that is the recent spike in which more than 1,400 apps were added to the store on a single day. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was just a day or two after Microsoft announced that Windows 8 had hit the all-important 100 million units sold mark within days of its predecessor, Windows 7, reaching the same goal.

Windows 8 MarketplaceWithout a doubt, the love/hate party where Windows 8 is concerned will continue on into the foreseeable future with much gnashing of teeth, but whether you love it or hate it, one thing is becoming crystal clear: Windows 8 is here to stay, it’s here to compete, and it will not simply fade into obscurity.

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