App Review : Chase Mobile for Windows Phone Keeps Improving

Chase Mobile – Quick Deposit, Voice Commands, and More!

I’ve always been rather impressed with how Chase tends to keep pace with technology.  When QuickDeposit first came out for iOS, we eagerly set a signed check on the dining room table and snapped away, with mixed results.  So, when the Chase Mobile for Windows 8 app came out, I was optimistic, but not expecting much.  Boy, was I surprised at how much better it’s gotten!

Chase QuickDeposit information - all that nerdy stuffThe Chase Mobile app for Windows has all the basic things you’d expect – with the same login information you would use online, you can check your account balances, see recent activity, transfer funds between accounts, etc.  It also has a map of Chase ATMs that you can use without logging into the app.  But where the Chase Mobile app starts to really define itself over other bank’s apps is with QuickDeposit, voice commands, and QuickPay.

The QuickDeposit has drastically improved.  When I first tried it in iOS, about 50% of the time, checks would successfully deposit on the first try, and 90% would go after two or three tries.   This still left 10% of our checks to be deposited in an ATM.  Not great when you have a small child and don’t want to go to the bank.  But my trials with the Windows 8 app were drastically different.  Of the checks I’ve deposited since the feature appeared earlier this year,  75-80% go in on the first try, and every single check I’ve received has successfully deposited by the second attempt.  No need to go to the bank to deposit checks!

Chase QuickDeposit screen - all that nerdy stuffUsing the QuickDeposit is pretty easy.  The app takes you step by step through the process of taking a picture of both sides of your check(s), making sure the pictures are clear, and depositing the checks.  It certainly takes less time than driving to an ATM.  The only downside is that if you have a lot of checks, you do have to go one by one, taking a picture of each side.  There’s no quick way to do this on a phone – I wouldn’t recommend this app for business use, or a way to replace scanning and submitted large numbers of checks electronically.

Chase Mobile voice commands - all that nerdy stuffI discovered the voice commands by accident.  My roommate and I were setting up the Maps app and I noticed that Chase was on the list of apps that had voice commands.  We were both interested.  Clicking on the link on my phone, I was directed to the screen shown on the left.  It turns out that you can ask the phone to find the nearest Chase ATM.  How cool is that, when you’re driving in an unfamiliar area and need to get some cash!  No opening the app, no searching online, just saying “ATM” or “Show ATM” to get directions straight there.

Chase Mobile QuickPay - all that nerdy stuffJust recently, Chase Mobile updated the Windows 8 app to include QuickPay.  You have to first enroll online before using this app feature.  Once you’ve done so and verified your email address (you get an email with a code), you can access the screen on the left.

Sending money with QuickPay turned out to be super easy.  You click on “send money,” enter a person’s name, email address or cell phone number, dollar amount, and that’s it!  Within seconds, there’s an email with a link for the recipient to access the money.  I thought it was pretty cool that the other person doesn’t need a Chase account to receive the money, just a US bank account.  You can also schedule future payments, request money, and view payment activity.

Overall, I’m impressed with the amount of features available in this free app.  This is a HUGE improvement over when I first got my phone and Chase did not have a Windows app available.  Chase just released an update last night – I’m looking forward to seeing what they added!



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