Pizza Hut Is Back…Kind Of

Pizza Hut App – Xbox vs. Everquest 2

Pizza Hut App Xbox 360Now you can order pizza on your Xbox 360 using the new Pizza Hut app, but this is not the first time you where able to order pizza while gaming.  I remember back in my days we had to order pizza by typing in  “/pizza”  in  SoE’s Everquest 2.  This would allow you to order a pizza from Pizza Hut without having to call or exiting the game.  Instead, it would open a browser overlay.  The slogan was “Hunger pains interrupting your game? Order pizza while playing!” I haven’t played Everquest 2 in a long time, so I do not know if this feature still available in the game.

Xbox 360 pizza ordering  works via a Pizza Hut app, but unlike the Everyquest 2 version you need exit the game to run the app.  You can place your order, If you want to order a pizza, you have to save and exit the game, which makes it a hassle to order.  It’s easier to  just pick up your phone and order a pizza via iOS or Android App without interrupting your game. Maybe in the future, Pizza Hut can make the app work as an overlay or allow you to pause the game so you can order a pizza with minimal interruption to your game play.

 Want to learn more?  Check out the YouTube video:

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