The Last of Us Red Band Trailer Makes Me Wonder Why We Need PS4 At All

The Last of Us Runs on Ancient Technology. God It’s Beautiful.

Naughty Dog is one of my favorite developers. Their Uncharted games alone make the PS3 worth owning, and anyone who’s ever played their titles knows the truth is that they always manage to pull off far more than the hardware has any right producing. That’s a trend that seems set to continue with their new, upcoming IP The Last of Us, a Walking Dead-like vehicle about the last scraps of humankind trying to survive after what appears to be (yet another) zombie apocalypse. And while I’m personally getting a little tired of zombies, I can already tell you that I’ll be overlooking that prejudice so I can play this game when it comes out.


Do You Need a New Console? No

Just looking over these gameplay trailers from The Last of Us is enough to make a guy wonder whether we need a PS4 or Xbox 420 at all. Oh, sure, the specs of those new systems, for real in the case of PS4, for rumor in the case of Xbox 420, seem awfully drool-worthy, and no doubt the games will be jaw dropping and have fabulously smooth frame rates, but c’mon–how can you not look at a game like this, running on hardware whose design process started more than a decade ago and which released to the public¬†seven years ago, and not be just amazed at its incredible beauty? Everything about it is phenomenal, from the lighting and texturing to the detailed animation and lush (or filthy, depending on the scene) beauty of everything you see. I’m smitten. Smutten. Smoted. Whatever it is, I’m all over it

With games like this possible on tech as old as PS3’s, I really can’t say I have any worries about the graphical capabilities of any next-gen console, even Wii U. If they can do this much inside of 256MB of RAM and 256MB of video memory, just imagine what’s possible when they’ve got 1, 2 or even 8GB of RAM to work with. Crazy, man. The Last of Us is gonna make ¬†you wonder why you need a PS4 at all.

Go on, take a look. You know you want to.

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