Near immortality: The next frontier.

The experience that will change you into a thousand different people in future games.


I have long believed and held an idea: That many modern games are made by lazy people without a real dream or powerful vision. They have made money their only goal, and forgotten the human race, and what we would aspire to be. Which, I suppose is all fine and well, we all require a living. But those actions may well determine their (and our) fate and that of future games.

What I mean by this is there are games yet unmade or dreamed of that, like a great book, have the power to create change in another person so completely as to not require any form of psychotherapy or treatment if they have ‘damage’. Someday, there may be a simulator that can make any emotional problem we might have, large or small,  go away – merely because we can face it in any way that we wish to. An inventive future game has all the power and potential of a live in psychotherapist of the future, if you expand your concepts.

While books may take us to new worlds to see and explore canvases of universes – future games have all the potential of having us actually living there. Experiencing the feelings, the world, the people, the memories. The rise and fall of a world, a nation, a people, a history, and knowing each person in it by having lived their life. the potential to broaden and extend our own lives exists before us in this way.

As humans, have spent time and money futzing with space, only to find out there are no nearby aliens or exciting science fiction-y critters nearby. Yet –  It is perfectly reasonable to consider and realize that many modern games dwell on violence because it is an easy way to make a game interesting or exciting. I would call it the equivalent of making cheap candy when the people long for healthy nutrition. Because, the possibilities extend far beyond what most of us can or will currently consider.

Future games can be far more than just a mere story, told in a linear way. A game could be a life, the memories, history and possible actions of someone – nay, many someone’s. A great future game has all the potential to allow us to experience each life in a new world, and each individual as it grows. The potential to experience each nation, each decision, each feeling. Whether they be humanoid or even spider – all of the potential viewpoints lay open for exploration. All of the ideas, feelings, choices, reactions, thoughts and potential outcomes would there to experience and explore.

My dream is of a day where we could live an actual life in a game, or more. We could meet anyone, talk to anyone, and learn or do nearly anything, because the fear of failing would not be present if we wished. We could change the parameters, after all, experimentation is what it is about. There is, of course, always potential for abuse – but how is that different from the way things have always been?


In a game you can be an cyborg, or an astronaut, or work on a fishing boat. You could try anything and everything and find out more about yourself in a weekend than you ever thought was in there. And guess what? No one has to get hurt. Want to try politics? Play with wolverines? Live life as a tiger? Maybe you like stories and want to be the hero, or the monster, the damsel or even an observant bird in a tree. Well, it is all possible by virtue of a game. But…people fear current games, because too many creators seek the cheap way out, like the movie industry does. Are all games great stirring tales to advance humanity? Or…a quick lump of sugar and caffeine for a fast ‘high’?

Many people fear current games because in some people, games bring out the worst in them. Likely, a book or movie would too, if one is so predisposed, it is quite likely that is merely energy looking for an outlet or exit. Hard to blame a game merely because it is “the current form of advanced media”. I would look to history on that for a more definitive answer, though. We would likely locate similar attitudes towards classic comic books or TV, or even the invention of the camera. Humans have long held superstitions of something hiding under the bed, and games are the latest foe. I am quite sure there were plenty of angry naysayers when fire first showed up, and now you can’t have a great steak without it.


So, to me – the real frontier is games. Because games are a potential method of experiencing mind expansion without the drugs. All the things it takes a lifetime to learn and absorb could theoretically be accumulated before one was 20 years old or less. All the wisdom, knowledge, experience…and more. Games have the potential to allow us to live not just one life, but millions of them, billions of years of experience all crammed into the one life we have.

Imagine future games so vast that we could rise above all that bothers us, and live a trillion lifetimes, experiencing every moment until the universe comes to an end, and begins yet again. Experiencing new beings, ideas, creatures, plants, materials and places…because there is nothing quite like travel and experience of more to make ones boundaries, ideas and opinions become quite enlarged.

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